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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 14, 2015 2:05am-2:39am EST

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>> second straight day of record warmth and philadelphia it felt like mid spring in mid december. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown thank you so much for joining us. the most beautiful weekend. we are hoping it sticks around a bit longer. cbs lauren how long is this going to last. a little bit longer. you know our luck has to run
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out. sky deck i got the christmas lights and no coat. it's december 13th and no coat. people were wearing t-shirts, shorts, flip flops with high temperature of 71 degrees. destroy the previous record of 65 set into years ago and was the first time we've been in the 70s in december in philadelphia since 20006. temperatures are very mild at this late hour. 56 degrees in sent city. light they'll stay light throughout the overnight period. consistently mild. currently 54 degrees. point pleasant beach 55 degrees right in and out of the 54 in fort washington. and another mild start to the day won't likely need to winter coat. watching out for areas of dense fog sunrise at 7:14. soggy to start monody and soggy to end it. of course the cool down. it's coming.
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i'll have all the details coming up. >> i knew that was coming. thank you so much. the eagles kept play off chances a lied by ruining return of shawn. don bell joins us with more now on what kind of reaction lesean bell. >> i was there. it was interesting all day long. there's a thin line between love and heyed. mccoy walked that line all day long. he was sprayed with cheesier and peppered with boost ultimately it was eagles playing under newman tray 53 angry men who made the right move. so linc we go. shady kept his word did not shake the hand of chip kelly but gave jeffrey lurie a bear hug. back up mike gill lis l -- gillislee. 30 yard fill goal gave eagles a lead. here's how they cap the thing
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off two minutes to go tyrod at any lour's pass spoiled shadys return eagles win 23-20. final score. >> i think all 3 faces or playing well. still things we have to clean up. still things we can get better at. i think we are playing good football. on the defensive side we are tackling well. getting a lot of contributions from special teams. >> we always want in the last minute situation to make abelia. we loved it. i'm happy we got that done. >> yeah you p ain't the only one.fter the game mccoy refused to talk to the media. grabbed his backpack and walked out of the locker room. i'll have more after this very fine news program. >> mccoy he talked trash all week long, right. and you lose and in sted of talk man up. >> right. >> sny walked right out. >> such a sore loser that's not
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cool. >> well you know after two straight big wins some fans who were once ready to pretty much throw chip kelly to the wolves they are giving him a second chance apparently. >> i thought it was a great game. absolutely chip kelly he's a genius. >> were you saying that a few weeks ago. >> no, i wasn't saying that a few weeks ago. as long as we beat dallas, everything is better the whole yearlong. >> i think they are going to win the divisions. redskins can't do it. the giants are going to lose. eagles got this. >> all right. the renewed faith in our team. what do you think can the eagles make the playoffs. go to twitter and make your voice heard. cbs3 we'd love to here from you. mccoy took the time to meet with a very special eagles fan who was wishing that he was still in philadelphia. he granted her wish before the game through the make a wish foundation. googols tonight a philadelphia community comes together to remember a local teenager found shot and killed over the
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weekend. friends and family of 15 year old stern honor the teens life at the same football field in west philly where he once played. greg argos was there for the vigil. >> reporter: very emotional vigil. memorial service here in west philly. remembering a 15 year old football player found shot to death this past friday. he was 15 year old stern, off the field he was known as mega ton. >> couldn't run by him he got you. very very aggressive on the football field u today his football coach shawn kennedy along with fellow football players gathered on the field where he played. >> sny will be missed. miss his smile. >> reporter: remembering the teen found shot to death friday night. >> i was always told parents should never bury their
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children. children supposed to out live the parents. >> reporter: stern's body was found friday shot once in the head. upper darby police said he was on probation for assault and had removed an ankle monitoring bracelet when he was found near york and broad in north philly. police have named to suspect. >> that's one thing he wasn't an ange gel nobody saying he was an angel. >> reporter: his grandparents say he did not deserve such a violent death. >> please keep us in your prayers. i hope they find out who did this. >> reporter: in west philly greg argos cbs three eyewitness news. >> a delaware man has been charged with murder after police say he killed his wife and her mother. trooper was called to the 300 block of summer in a, stabbing once upon arrival officers found two women dead. a suspect identified as gilbert
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rochester initially fled the scene but was apprehended near the woods in the property. neighbors shocked in this normal quiet community. >> it's a really nice area. i mean its quiet. you never have to worry about anything like this happen. for something like this to happen is really upsetting it really is. >> victims are 85 eve and her daughter 56 year old mary lane. no word on a motive at this time. googols a man armed with a gun who threatened customers in a walmart has been shot and killed by police. authorities say 20 year old andrew joseph to do was todd was shot after he he had he argue fused to drop his weapon. the man was carrying two guns and a ma sheet tea no customers inside and no officer injured. shooting death of a young african american father at the hands of two los angeles county
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sheriff's dep pew december is racing questions l about police force. >> store surveillance video captured the moments two los angeles deputies fired multiple shots at nicholas robert son. angry demon traders gathered at the shooting seen. pamela brown is his mother-in-law. >> he left 3 kids behind, two daughter and a son. they could have at any said him or anything. >> reporter: investigators say the confrontation started when deputies responded to multiple 911 calls about a man shooting shots into the air. robert son minutes before encounter with deputies walking down a busy street carrying a gun. >> he did not comply with sherry pete ted requests to drop the weapon. the sheriffs department also relieved these images of robert son on his stomach.
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deputy fired 33 rounds he was pronounced dead at the scene. community activist says the shoot is disturbing. >> appears this young man crawled to his death he was shot again, again and again. >> local civil rights leaders called for independent investigation into his death. chris martinez eyewitness news. >> spoke over portland oregon after a tractor trailer crashes. the driver was killed when his truck carrying fuel collided with parked train cars sending black smoke into the air. the fire spread to the train cars. damaging 8 of them. no other injuries were reported and the cause is under investigation right now. campaign 2016 news the race for republican nominations heating up with a bit of a shake up. texas senator ted cruz is surveillance engining ahead. in one pole cruise is 10 points
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ahead of trump. and a new national pole shows cruise is just 5 points behind trump and ahead of retired neurosurgeon ben carson 7 weeks now until the iowa caucus some republican's explained trump appeal. >> first with ma cane who was week then romney who is weak. we are tired of week candidates. there is no number two to trump. >> meanwhile cnn announced new jersey governor chris christie will join them on the debate stage tuesday. >> newspaper date for you on the baldy gal that was found shot in our area this week. how you can now get involved to help nurse the bird back to health. plus a local football team wins back to back national titles. we'll introduce you to them. lauren. after a record warm weekend this december heat streak is
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going to come to an end. when yuletide need to break out winter coat plus rain chains all that in your forecast coming
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>> online fundraiser has been started for the balanced eagle found shot in south jersey this week. the money will go to nonprofit organization that's nursing lilly back to health. she was rescued thursday after spending 4 days in a tree in pits town neighborhood. veterinarians discovered a pelt launched in the bird's leg it's not clear who shot lilly or why. if you want to donate we have a link for you on our website jersey shore most popular great white shark has returned home. maire lee was spotted 40 miles off the coast of atlantic city. internet sensation over the summer and now has about none
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thousand 91 thousand twitter followers. mary lees most recent return to new jersey was just last month near. you big philadelphia football win not the eagles alexandria hof reports a team bringing positive change in philadelphia community are now back to back champions u educate these are now the consecutive national champions pop warner super bowl they don't have a field to return to. >> we've been doing this for 43 years. i think it's time we. >> reporter: northwest raid terse put pin the work during the trip to orlando. >> we came out a little flat we had to wake up a little bit once we woke up you see the outcome. game. >> reporter: he means down 19 nothing win the first 5 minutes. >> it's possible. anything is possible.
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>> reporter: so against maryland's old time gators they snatched back was already there with a 34-19 win. what does this mean for the 11 returning players? >> everything. >> reporter: behind the satisfied coaches and young men the real excitement is found in a group of women. >> my granddaughter said mom don't worry. he's going to do this. they are going to do this sure enough they did. >> the coaches are great, they work with the kids. they teach them, you know the fundamentals and what to do in the classroom and off the field. >> reporter: which makes senses coach is 19 year veteran of the philadelphia police department. >> here about the young men do crimes and drugs these boys don't do that they want to play football and go to school and learn. >> reporter: they are looking for high school and college. >> with really need a. >> reporter: catching the attention sponsors as they are catching passes.
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cbs3 eyewitness news. >> skating philadelphia land skaters roller bladed all across the city and made a stop at cbs3. the group brought along some gifts actually to donate to our joy of chary ring toy fest which benefits children in need this holiday season. they usually only 68 until october but were able to make exception because of the lovely weather. >> together today we got a group together dropped them into your business for the joy of sharing campaign. >> senate group started at art museum and indicate 68 ted for about two hours. they donate attempted toys for joy of chary ring campaign we appreciate that. don't forget you can also get involved in the joy of sharing toy fest. buy a nun wrapped toy and bring it to one of the drop off locations. the toys will be donate ted to
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salvation army, uso and boys and girls club. a truck making its way across the country right now picking up coats for those in need made a stop in old city today. eyewitness news at third and market where they give company see, by makers mark heads to baltimore next. told church prepares for christmas way a living native have the seen. eyewitness news in old city. animals, birth of joes, among the bunch were goats, sheep even a done key there was an opportunity for community to adopt a 4 legged friend of their own whiled there. holiday record this weekend in georgia more than 400 love birds puckered up attempting to break the record for the most couples quiching under a missile
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toe at once. they joined hands. pictures showed an official world record commemoration that occasion, wow. >> that will get you in the spirit jam. nice warm and fuzzy like our weather. >> i cannot believe. unbelievable today. 70s unbelievable. 70s in philadelphia the first time in december in about nine years. know that complaints. but if you like the colder weather there's something in the forecast pho for you too. there's something for everyone. but it is another extremely mild december evening across center city philadelphia. starting to see some of that fog settling in. warmer air masses had ability to hold more moisture than older air masses you see. continuing into the morning hours and that will be a repeat once again tonight. and early tomorrow. we'll talk about a dense fog
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advisory in effect coming up in just a minute. first off record heat record smashed across the area 73 degrees today's. as i mentioned 71 in philadelphia. trenton we topped at seventy degrees. reading 68 degrees. we broke a lot of these records not by a couple degrees by 6, seven, eight, 9 degrees as in the case with mt. pocono. and also 67 degrees in mt. pocono today was also an all time record. the all time warmest day in december in mt. pocono ever since 190 one some we will be cooling down gradual cool down. something to get used to. again, tomorrow will be under nice high pressure. warm air mass remaining in place. starts to slowly fade away and dissolve breakdown as we head into midweek. sandwiched in between cooler air
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to the north and warm to the south. still mild conditions if you don't want to know cover your eyes next weekend last weekend of fall going to be a big differences with this arctic air mass going to drop down high temperatures for right now 56 degrees in philadelphia. mid 50s lehigh valley. 53 degrees in atlantic city. visibility starting to come down. perfect visibility in philadelphia as it is being reported. half mile visibility in millville. down to 3 quarter of a mile right now at the atlantic see airport. we do have dense fog advisory in effect of the overnight tonight for the entire area until 10:00 tomorrow morning widespread visibility down to less than a mile. could see visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile you probably need extra time for monday morning commute. areas of dense fall. still mild. 54 degrees. won't need winter coat tomorrow. 67 two degrees shy from record high temperature.
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dry during the daytime hours. as we head into late afternoon and evening we are going to see rain and few rumbles of thunder with dye no, ma'am mick system. still positioned over central planes. ty ccounckwise circulation strong area of low pressure. moisture lay den that will continue eastbound be weather maker as we head later into the day tomorrow. looking good tomorrow morning. foggy conditions. dry for lunch hour. showers start to move in. heavy rain through the evening. few rumbles of thunder possible as we head into the latter portion of the evening. lingering showers then we start to clear out for tuesday morning commute few lingering colors. fog in the morning. showers. cooler but still well above average. 59 degrees. blustery day though. sunshine returns. weds looks like a nice day bright and sunny 56 degrees. rain again on thursday.
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middle 50s. and then we descend into the 40s by friday. next weekend looks chilly 21 -- 41 degrees. winds could be whipping as well. >> back to reality pretty quickly. we'll enjoy the 70s while they last. thank you. we enjoyed the game today. other action going on in the city. for the 6 ersz you wonder what else could go wrong. tonight, sent to
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>> all right. so the sixers. they did start a 3 day road trip. the rafters won the last 9 games. third quarter took an elbow to the face to kyle he had to leave the game with eye abrasion and
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went to hospitals for treatment. fourth quarter sixers down by 8. 23 points. sixers trailing by 6 rafters pulling away. rosene scoring 25. rafters beat the sixers. college hoops saint joes and temple that game is overtime mark campbell, less than 3 minutes 66-65 the final. out to the main line villanova via taking on lasalle another big 5 series game. josh heart scored 18 points. defense limited lasalle price third leading score they one 76-to 47. eagles big win marcus heys philadelphia daily news, sports direct don bell in just a few minutes. lots to talk about. >> yes, good news. thank you very much.
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>> women come back everyone. a little boy's letter to soon at a final gets an answer more than 70 years later. builders in england found a letter from then six years old david who is now 78. the let was in the chimney of a home being renovate ted he asked soon at a for a few things that he needed slippers and any toises he had to spare. 24 year old lewis she was found that letter. >> how things have changed. to see how greedy kids are and take things for granted you no. >> she was presented some of those present to him along with his letter. he said the gesture quo lovely but said he wants to wait until christmas day to open his gives. >> in that is so awesome love that story. lauren is coming back with us
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coverage options for just $9.95 a month, less than 35 cents a day. act now and your rate will be locked in for life. it will never increase. your coverage can never be cancelled as long as you pay your premiums, and your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. you cannot be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift. both are free, with no obligation. don't wait, call this number now. ♪ >> all right lauren forecast. still warm 57 degrees pass along the umbrella showers maybe
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thunderstorms 12 pink. breezy on tuesday. weds looks great. more rain by thursday. chilly by the end of the week start of next weekend. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. thank you for joining us tonight. we are always on now we are handing ♪ made in hollywood the epic adventure in "the ridiculoumade inhollywood. >> today i will sit down with criminals helps worth, director ron howard and the rest of the cast of the film. >> mobey bick was based on true events and made it all the more fascinated bying. ♪ ♪ ♪ made in hollywood ♪ >> also on today's show, adam sandler and netflix team up for "the ridiculous 6". we hit the red catcher for all of the scoop.
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>> we knew that for us to make a western we would have to make it a funny western. so we just tried to make it as true to a western as we could and then we throw jokes in there. >> plus marion cotillard and michael far bender bring shakes mere back to the fein in "made in hollywoo"macbeth." >> and we'll look at the release of marvel's "ant man." >> i am luke wisconsin stop, chris hemsworth. >> adam sand her. >> "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> welcome to "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood ♪ "in the heart of the sea" is based on true vents that occurred in 1820 when a ship was prayed upon by a whale of mammoth sized which forced its true to survive at see sea for 90 days. >> i am chris hemsworth, welcome to "made in hollywood." and here say scene from "in the heart of the sea." >> how does one come to know the sea's dark secrets? ♪ ♪
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>> monsters, are they real? >> the story is about one captain and his first mate, but let's talk about the differences between these two men. >> my character is -- has all the experience in the world and really is a very hard working, working class background. he wasn't born in to the privileged family that the captain is. >> george powell. >> jay. >> because they are so fundamentally different, when they get back home some of the things they learn on the ocean fall away because they are in different circumstances, they are back to a class. >> normally a captain gets to choose his first mate. >> an experienced captain, yes. >> there is a whole lot of animosity between them. >> sailors fear sailing off the edge of the earth. >> i am 19 years old and i made
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an ron howard film how lucky am i? >> really lucky. i haven't even talked to him yet and i am already geeking out because i know i am going get to talk to him next door. >> he's the best. you'll have a wonderful interview us one of the nicest men i have ever worked with. >> we were headed to the edge of sanity. >> one of the reasons why like this may have other than the cinema to go raffi, the arts direction, the cast. the story. i had no idea this was a real thing that actually happened? >> you and me both that surprised me when i read it. who knew that the myth of mobey bick was born out of a really vent. >> to understand what these men went through and what they inner inning endured makes it interesting. >> what is it? >> they had a sounds stage which was a big swimming pool on a boat with a gym bell. wind con uns and water cannons. >> and we had a ship at first in a tank and it could soft of like


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